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I’m Phillip Fickling.  I started building stuff out of paper when I was a kid — and never stopped. Flying saucers out of paper plates. Submarines out of refrigerator boxes. Even a Star Trek communicator out of a tampon box!

Of course, when Star Wars came out it changed my life! For years I was on a mission to re-create every space craft design out of paper. In fact, my art school graduation portfolio consisted of a large, beat-up suitcase full of Star Wars paper models. Little did I know that 30+ years later I would be asked to design and illustrate the Star Wars Mega Model book! And they even paid me to do it — the icing on the cake!

And now I’m branching out. For the last two years I’ve been working with Evergreen, a forward thinking company based in Taiwan. They manufacture and distribute products world wide. Made of MDF board, these products ship flat and are assembled by the end user. Check out Zodiac Zoo, Dino Park, and Phileas Frog in the “Other” category.




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