Chick-fil-A Bugs


These models for Chick-fil-A presented a challenge. How to make bugs, which actually look creepy and disgusting when viewed close-up, look less-so. You see, the client didn’t want to put kids off of their lunch! Anyway, this is the result, and apparently they were quite successful.

Client: Chick-fil-A restaurants. Agency: C3, Kansas City, USA

  • Ladybug 2
  • Ladybug 1
  • Ladybug Flat
  • Praying Mantis 2
  • Praying Mantis Close copy
  • Praying Mantis Flat
  • Bumblebee 1
  • Bumblebee 2
  • Bumblebee Flat
  • Dragonfly 1
  • Dragonfly 2
  • Dragonfly Flat